Atlas Inflight


Atlas Inflight.

A way to log all your travel to always remember where you've been.

Purpose. Utility.

Atlas is designed for the frequent flyer while also being a useful tool for those don’t fly often. One of the most challenging parts of a frequent traveller, is remembering what airline you flew where, while having thousands of miles logged between airline apps. 

Atlas is a central place where you can organize all the details relating to your flights and track your history no matter the airline travelled. Want to see how many miles you’ve flown this year? Where you most often sit? Routes & flights you fly most often? Atlas can do all of that and more!

Study. Design. Code.

Designing Atlas to be easy to use is important. It has taken many iterations to get to a design I am comfortable with. While those who fly often, can be diligent about adding flights & trips to Atlas, we want those that rarely use the app to be able to add their flight. 

Understanding the IATA Boarding Pass formatting was a difficult challenge to allow the easy import of your flight’s boarding pass. Other third party libraries were not cutting it, so. . . I wrote my own. Just this one feature is an example of how design and easy of use meshes with code you don’t see to offer a seamless experience.


My Process.

01. The Problem

You will find a pattern in my design philosophy and it always starts with ‘The Problem’. That problem is always one that hits home. Since I travel often for my career, tracking flights in one central place is something I wanted, but couldn’t find in the format I wanted.

02. The Roadmap

This second step if forever fluid throughout my projects but remains a core of how I develop. If I do not have a roadmap and direction to take the project, then I don’t have a valid way to progress the app and keep the project alive. For Atlas, I have a very good idea where I want to take it. 

03. Code. A Lot.

Since I am a rather new developer, I don’t yet have a stack of utilities that I use for every app. While I am getting to a point where I have that capability, that isn’t the approach I took with Atlas. Most of the app is customized code that has been iterated on multiple time. 

04. Test. Test. Test

This step harkens back to step 01 in that I like to develop apps that I can use often in my life. This helps me with testing my applications repetitively over and over. 6452 times to be exact as of writing this. Before Atlas is launched, it will be tested throughly to ensure smooth operations with little intervention. 

“Adventure is worthwhile.”
– Aesop