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A quick popup Shopify site for one of the World's largest marathons.

Clean. Organized. Quick.
...and free...

COVID-19 & Flexibility

When the global pandemic hit the globe, many of my employer’s events became cancelled overnight, leading us to have to scramble together new forms of revenue. For one of our largest events, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, I facilitated the design, modifications, & implementation of a new Shopify store for this event. This was a region & event that had never had a formal online e-commerce solution, so a lot of what was built was from the ground up. 

Easy & Free Design

The store implements Shopify’s free Debut theme with the color scheme of, the parent site for this event. This made for a fast deployment with minimal effort to build from the ground up. While the base theme makes working with Shopify easy, I added client requested custom ‘.liquid’ templates for the virtual events that we have created during the global pandemic. This gives the client flexibility and creativity outside what other stores have with a similar theme. 

Site customizations

01. a child mirror's it's parent

When you are starting a store based on an already established brand, it is important to mirror the brand elements on the store. This makes it easier for your users to browse the site as it feels familiar to what they already know. 

02. behind the scenes structure

A store built from scratch definitely has its pros & cons. One of the pros to a fresh start is the ability to layout your backends structure and product catalog. Using simple and logical naming structure, the site is easy to navigate for the customers & admins.

03. app integrations utilizes a few different apps connected to Shopify in order to add better functionality to the platform. One of those integrations is Easyship which allows the management of global shipping & label creation. 

04. small but big tweaks

The store contains a few code tweaks that in the backend seem trivial, but are wanted additions for the fronted. Small issues like adding the currency ‘SGD’ after the prices site wide. This is something not implemented in this theme by default. 

Check out some screenshots from the site.

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