Roadtripping to Clemson For Their Home Opener

There’s nothing more fun than taking an excessively long road trip to a college football game. So that is what my buddy Kevin and I did for Clemson’s home opener. Starting Wednesday after work (it was a Thursday night game), we drove the 8 hours from Tampa, Florida to Clemson, South Carolina to catch the pregame festivities the next day!

Enjoy the tour around Clemson University and their tailgate spots. You’ll see spots like Littlejohn Coliseum, Memorial Stadium, The Graveyard, tailgating lots, and a few surprises along the way. 

Tiger Walk - Clemson vs. Georgia Tech - Thursday, Aug. 29th 2019
Pregame Warm Ups - Clemson vs. Georgia Tech

If you visit Clemson University for a game, you are guaranteed to have a blast. Touring the campus on a golf cart is definitely the best way to see the sights. 😉

Seeing traditions like the Tiger Walk was awesome. Things unique to a campus are always things you cannot miss when you are visiting. It was also awesome to see the entrance as they come from the buses, past Howard’s Rock, down the hill, & on to the field. Seeing a game in Memorial Stadium is something I highly recommend doing if you are in the area during the season.

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My best buddy currently runs the retail at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and asked me to help out with their first pre-season game! This little behind the scenes look will give you some insight into what you get to see and do when you work in pro sports. Enjoy the video!

Bucs vs. Dolphins - Raymond James Stadium, August 16th, 2019

It’s always a blast to get these peaks behind the scenes at these massive sporting events and I’m going to start sharing all the fun on my YouTube channel through my Out Of Office vlog. Make sure you head on over and subscribe to the channel! It only costs you an email address 😉

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