What do you do when you’re in Connecticut, with nothing to do for the day, a train station with a route to Grand Central, & three friends up for exploring? You go to New York for the day that’s what!

Enjoy these clips from a day back when my co-workers and I had a day off (we could not due to a private event at our venue) on the road and we jumped on a train to New York City to explore around. This was my first time in New York and was amazing. I cannot wait to go back and explore more parts of the city I was not able to see!

Billionaires' Row - West 57th Street, New York, NY
Drinks At The Boathouse - Central Park, New York, NY
Album Dropping Soon - Central Park, New York, NY
Rain Storm Looming - Times Square, New York, NY

For my first time in New York, and on a day trip, I seemed to tick all the boxes.

  • Arrived on a train into Grand Central 🚊✔️
  • Tourist photos in Times Square 🌆✔️
  • Drinks at The Boathouse ⛲️✔️
  • Stroll down billionaires’ row 🎩✔️
  • Haggled with a street vendor 🤑✔️
  • The BEST Ramen 🍜✔️
  • Running through rain to catch the last train 🚉✔️
IT WAS AWESOME! I cannot wait to go back and have been trying to fit it in my schedule. Don’t worry, when I go back, you will get to see all the stuff I’ve already added to my list that I couldn’t see on this first visit. 

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Rockin & Rolling A Half Marathon In Chicago

Had a little change of pace and helped out with Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Chicago! It was a fun time a I love being in a big city. I had a great time exploring and riding the train everywhere. Chicago is beautiful and it is a city that everyone should visit once in their life. Make sure you stick around till the end for the amazing view we had of downtown on the way out! 🙂

CTA - Downtown Chicago, IL
The Best Pub Burger - Stocks & Blondes, Chicago, IL
River At Night - Riverwalk, Chicago, IL
The "L" - State & Lake Station, Chicago, IL

Exploring Chicago is always a good time. The architecture of the city is unique and offers countless breathtaking views. The riverfront is one of a kind and offers a ton of options to take in the evening air on the waterfront. Pizza is not the only thing in town that’s delicious; stop into Stocks & Blondes location under the L downtown and get yourself their pub burger and you won’t be disappointed. 

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