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Life is too short; Too short to play your music softly; Too short not to stop learning; Too short not to travel; Too short not to enjoy every aspect of your life as you can. Life, it’s too short, so why hold back?

This is my, Justin Ackermann’s, personal space where you can find all things about my travels & adventure in the world. You can also pop over to my blog to find my ramblings that tend to pop into my head during some long flights! 🙂




Justin Ackermann

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Check out the IN THE MIX Podcast by yours truly on iTunes, Google Play, & Soundcloud! It features some of my favorite tracks from my days in high school, college, and the best tracks of the current day! Head on over and download the podcast for free. Be sure to subscribe to get all the episodes automagically for free!

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JustinAckermann.com | Travel, Explore, Adventure
JustinAckermann.com | Travel, Explore, Adventure

How I Use My Spare Time

Time spent not learning a new skill, is time wasted on something that can teach you about life.

Since back in high school, I wanted to learn how to code my own website, to be able to host my DJ mixes. Because of this, I started learning HTML & CSS. By this time, I had already learned basic audio production to make my own electronic music. I was fascinated by photography & cinema and creating memories using imagery. Once in college, my drive was physics, calculus, differential equations, & building materials. Then I had it a mobile revolution, coding apps, learning Javascript, Python, & PHP to expand my abilities to create 21st century interactions.

Dive inside these topics with me on my blog and get interested in subjects like those above and more. 

JustinAckermann.com | Travel, Explore, Adventure


Read some of the ramblings from my brain

Time For An Update!

Okay… It’s time for an update! I’ve been away for wayyyyy to long. My New Job! In July of this past year, I started a new position with my employer, World Triathlon Corporation, [...]

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Life Is Too Short

Check out this video & more on my YouTube channel to see all the crazy things I get into!

Life is too short. On average, the human life span is 28,835 days. 28,835 moments that can either be left alone, or taken advantage of. I plan not to let any of those 28,835 days go to waste. Come along with me on my journey to make everyday better than the last.

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