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Who i am?

Justin Ackermann, that's who. . .

Just a regular guy, but if you want to view my online resume and check out some of my projects, hit that ‘About Me’ button below. If not? keep on scrolling to check out more stuff!


The Tube

Check out my channel. . .

From time to time I like to make some cool videos. I also travel a bunch for my job which takes me to some cool places. Head over you my YouTube channel and subscribe now!



hang loose.
simple style.

Like my work?
I can help you out!

If you like the work I do, I will gladly freelance for you or help you complete a custom project. Below will be a few links to some of my offerings on Be sure to check them out as they are a great way to get a quick customer project done!

I will develop your app idea.

Have an idea for an app that you've always wanted to create? I can help make that idea a reality!

I will make you a 'dope' video edit.

Let me take that boring vacation footage you have and turn it into an awesome video edit. I'll even upload it to your YouTube page!

I will create a podcast website.

Are you good behind the mic and need a website to host that silky smooth voice of yours? Let me build you a WordPress site that can do that!