So You Wanna Know About Me?

Logical thinker. Reclusive DJ. Self employed podcaster. Youtube’s favorite coding student. Professional amateur photographer. World’s best cat dad.

Here's A Story For You

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For most of my life, I lived in Belleville, Illinois just across the river from St. Louis, Missouri. I grew up with two amazing parents, Craig (shhh his real name is Stacey) & Sharon, and my sister Kailey who I fought with too much. While I played multiple sports (most badly) soccer was my focus through jr. high and the beginning of high school. In high school, I broke out and became a cross country & track athlete running distance. Yeah, I used to be skinny and fast, hard to believe. I also worked for the St. Louis Rams team store and a short, stint with the St. Louis Cardinals as well.

After high school, I spent two amazing years in Manhattan, Kansas at Kansas State University studying Architectural Engineering. I met a lot of amazing life long friends and had way more fun than my parent probably wanted me to. After those two years, I decided to move back to the St. Louis area and attend Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville with the major of Civil Engineering. I waited on tables, DJ’d, and worked for the St. Louis Blues team store before decided to relocate to my next destination.

Kansas City, Missouri is where I landed after I left the safe confines of my hometown. I worked in retail for almost two years with the Kansas City Royals & Chiefs. Okay… now the good stuff!

After KC, I took my talents to the Gulf Coast of Florida where you will find me today. The city by the bay, the city that never sleeps, T-city… Tampa, Florida. Yes I know those slogans aren’t Tampa’s but, dramatic flair, it was needed. I did a short stint with the Tampa Bay Bucs, Lightning, and as a Process Assistant in Amazon’s fulfillment center in the area. Now, you will find me working for IRONMAN, the triathlon company, unfortunately not the comic book hero.

Not A Story The Jedi Would Tell

June 29th, 1991. A star is born. Some say he was the savior we all needed. A simple boy who was said to be the next Bill Gates. His name?

Justin David Ackermann.

At a young age, he was mischievous and after getting in trouble one Friday, he is forced to whitewash the fence the following Sunday as punishment. He convinces many of his friends to do the work for him, offering them personal objects as payment for their contribution. He would become engaged at a young age to a girl named Becky, but would have to call off the engagement after Becky discovers he was previously engaged to another woman.

His teenage years were spent learning magic in a castle at the edge of a great lake. His friends Ron and Hermoine lived in the same dormitory as him, and aided him in his adventures within the castle walls. However, a dark wizard named Voldemort wanted him dead, and after battling all manor of magical creatures dispatched to kill him, he finally vanquishes Voldemort in a magical duel in the courtyard of the castle.

In his young adult life, he would travel the world learning various martial arts. He was also a brilliant scientist who would eventually take over his families large corporation and estate. During the day, he was a genius billionaire who lived an extravagant lifestyle, but at night, he would often fight crime in the streets of the city using the high tech tools his wealth allowed him to create. Some say he could fly and sense objects in the dark like a bat.

After his stint in Gotham, he traveled to Canada where he used his martial arts training to become a mercenary. After getting diagnosed with cancer, he meets a man who recruits him to be part of an experimental program that can cure his cancer. The process changes him, and scars him for life, but he gains super strength as well as the ability to heal himself and regenerate limbs. During this time, he was known for his foul mouth, and would often be found speaking to an audience that “no one was able to see but him.”

Today? Well, today he owns various companies and is a game-changer in many areas innovation has stalled. He created an electric car company, an aerospace giant with reusable rockets, and has recently begun digging his own tunnels to fix the traffic along his route between his home and offices.

Never one to embellish a story, he is the Most Interesting Man in the World….