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A Traveller. Nerd. Coder. Photographer.
Self Licensed Badass.

Who am i?


BIRTHDAY: June 29th, 1991
RAISED IN: Belleville, Illinois
CURRENT HIDEOUT: Saint Petersburg, Florida

I grew up in the midwest, St. Louis area, but migrated south to warmer climates when I was 23. Now residing in the Tampa Bay area, I call crazy Florida my home.

Currently I work for The IRONMAN Group as an Event Merchandise Coordinator, which takes me to a lot of the cool places you will see in my photos. I’m going on year 6 and couldn’t be happier to do what I do.

For more of my background, check out the rest of this page! 

Music & Podcasts

Back in the good ole college days, I used to DJ both while away at school & back home in St. Louis. While I classify myself as ‘retired’, I will find myself entranced in music and occasionally will dabble. 

You can find all my past podcast episodes by checking out ‘Music’ under ‘Projects’. I will put out new mixes from time to time. Always a good choice while out at the beach!

iOS Development

Timelapse Tool is an app I currently have on the Apple App Store but in an older, outdated form. I am currently working on upgrading this app to be more modern with more powerful features. Keep up to date with my progress by clicking the button below!
Designing iOS apps has always been a favorite hobby of mine. It's only recently that I have explored more ambitious projects that in the past would have terrified me. Atlas is an app that will track your flights for you and let you keep track of your travel history. Check out the progress by heading over to the project page!

Like my work?
I can help you out!

If you like the work I do, I will gladly freelance for you or help you complete a custom project. Below will be a few links to some of my offerings on Be sure to check them out as they are a great way to get a quick customer project done!

I will develop your app idea.

Have an idea for an app that you've always wanted to create? I can help make that idea a reality!

I will make you a 'dope' video edit.

Let me take that boring vacation footage you have and turn it into an awesome video edit. I'll even upload it to your YouTube page!

I will create a podcast website.

Are you good behind the mic and need a website to host that silky smooth voice of yours? Let me build you a WordPress site that can do that!